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How to join our shed.


To become a member you will need to visit our shed (when we're open) you will be given a tour of our facilities.

If you would like what you see and are ready to join, complete a membership application form and pay the membership fees.

Membership is open to all men from all walks of life, you must be over 14 years of age and are able to comply with our Health and Safety Procedures.

Before your able to use any of our equipment, you will need to complete induction.

Membership Fees


A membership fee of $60 per annum that includes insurance. This allows members unlimited access, during opening hours, to use the facilities. Note: Members are required to receive induction training from a Supervisor before using any machine for the first time.



We encouraged new members to read the through our Safety Procedures on the website, before personally attending the shed.

If you wish to become a KMS  member a membership form as well payment must be complete.

You will then be formally inducted and are required to complete training from a supervisor, before using any machine for the first time, this part of the induction process.


Membership Links


 KMS Safety Procedures

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